1. n
1) залог; залог недвижимости, ипотека; закладная
2) ипотечный кредит

- adjustable rate mortgage
- aggregate mortgage
- amortization mortgage
- amortized mortgage
- assets mortgage
- bi-weekly mortgage
- blanket mortgage
- bulk mortgage
- chattel mortgage
- closed mortgage
- closed-end mortgage
- collective mortgage
- common mortgage
- consolidated mortgage
- corporate mortgage
- defaulted mortgage
- direct reduction mortgage
- endowment mortgage
- equitable mortgage
- farm mortgage
- first mortgage
- fixed payment mortgage
- flexible payment mortgage
- flexible rate mortgage
- floating mortgage
- general mortgage
- graduated payment customer mortgage
- junior mortgage
- leasehold mortgage
- legal mortgage
- limited mortgage
- maritime mortgage
- maximum mortgage
- maximum amount mortgage
- open mortgage
- open-end mortgage
- overlying mortgage
- paid-off mortgage
- pledged account mortgage
- prior mortgage
- puisne mortgage
- purchase money mortgage
- qualified mortgage
- real estate mortgage
- registered mortgage
- residential mortgage
- reverse mortgage
- reverse annuity mortgage
- running account mortgage
- second mortgage
- senior mortgage
- standing mortgage
- statutory mortgage
- subsequent mortgage
- tacit mortgage
- underlying mortgage
- unlimited mortgage
- unrecorded mortgage
- unregistered mortgage
- variable rate mortgage
- wraparound mortgage
- zero-coupon mortgage
- mortgage of corporate property
- mortgage of real estate
- mortgage on real estate
- by mortgage
- mortgage payable
- mortgages receivable
- borrow on mortgage
- call in a mortgage
- cancel a mortgage
- clear a mortgage
- close a mortgage
- discharge a mortgage
- foreclose a mortgage
- give in mortgage
- grant a mortgage over smth
- hold a mortgage
- lend on mortgage
- pay off a mortgage
- raise a mortgage
- record a mortgage
- redeem a mortgage
- refinance a mortgage
- take out a mortgage on the house
- register a mortgage
- mortgage secured by real estate
2. v
закладывать недвижимость; получать ссуду под залог недвижимости

- mortgage property

English-russian dctionary of contemporary Economics. 2014.

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